Waterloo Cottage has a flock of Llanwenog and Berrichon de cher sheep. The Llanwenog sheep are a welsh breed with black faces, small compared to some and easy to lamb. The Berrichon de cher are a larger sheep originally from France. We pride ourselves on keeping chemicals off the land and having no antibiotics in our meat. The ram is put into the ewes at the end of October to ensure that lambing is at the end of April. Angus feels that the ewes have rich spring grass to eat by then that gives their lambs great milk to start life with. It also means that they are lambed outside and not in barns. Our challenge this year is that the ram got into the ewes field, we maybe having the odd early arrival. Angus and Josh are checking all the ewes this weekend.

The last year we lambed early and in barns I took a fantastic picture of our ewes in waiting. All facing the same way, almost as if they were attending an anternatal class. You can see the difference between the black faced llanwenog’s and the Berrichon’s.